Tour Llama is a marketplace for multi-day guided tours led by some of the most amazing tour guides we can find. To learn more about who we are and what we're doing, check out the "About" page of our website.

In the Market for the Top Guides

We're always on the lookout for the best guides around the world. It doesn't just mean you have the best reviews or cheapest prices. Don't get me wrong, those are super important, but more importantly is the experience you provide. We're looking for guides who are ingrained in their community, who get joy from sharing their home with travelers, and who can plan and lead the trip of a lifetime.

That's right, on the Tour Llama platform, guides are responsible for planning and leading the tours. You've been working for years learning your community, the best activities, the best places to stay, etc. and it's time to put it into action. Using your experience, we're looking for guides to plan an entire multi-day tour that includes accommodations (where possible), meals, activities, transportation, and more! Once you've planned it, you'll continue doing what you do best, giving travelers an experience they'll never forget.

We Want Raving Fans

We believe the first step in creating a raving fan base is to create a great customer experience. From the first time they find one of our tours to you waving them goodbye at the conclusion of the tour, we want to provide an amazing experience. Of course, we know it all starts with us setting the tone! We'll do everything in our power to make sure guests are ready and equipped to take on their next adventure when they arrive, but we expect the same from our guides. We're looking for guides who are passionate about customer service and are ready to provide amazing service to our valued travelers.

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